This year sees a new exciting innovation at the NAMM los Angeles music trade show. The organisation has recognised that until now it has been difficult financially and logistically for artisan luthiers to make a presence at this international trade show of musical instruments, equipment and paraphernalia. In the light of this the “Boutique Guitar Showcase” is being presented as an exposition of some of the world’s master quality hand built instruments. The NAMM organisation have made this possible with curation by Jamie Gale.

Perhaps the extremely successful and thoroughly exciting “Holy Grail Guitar Show” organised by the European Guitar Builders which has run annually for the last three years, showing exclusively artisan luthiers and their work, has been some influence here, the Frankfurt annual music trade show organisation has taken notice and rumour has it something similar will happen there. Frankfurt has some public days as well as the trade days.

The BGS will present primarily guitars, basses and similar instruments. I will be showing some guitars, my now legendary mermaid guitar and a triple neck 12/6/mandolin based on the one I built in 1974 for John Paul Jones. These instruments are all owned by a collector in Los Angeles who has generously loaned them for the show. In addition I will bring an F5 mandolin, fresh off the bench and up for grabs. There will be several of my EGB colleagues and a host of other international luthiers. If you have any interest at all in guitars this part of the show is guaranteed to intrigue, delight and inspire you.”