Inside the making

 Inside the making                                            


 In this section there are pictures of instruments through the construction process. Hover over the Inside the making menu above for a choice of build galleries.

In Andy Manson's own words below, he gives an insight into how he builds his world renowned instruments.

" I have evolved a very hands on approach to my building over the years, I tend not to use molds except for the F style mandolins and I do as much hand work as possible. This way I feel connected to the instrument through the whole process.

 My inclination is towards an understated visual appearance.... simple bindings, straight grained wood... although I can't resist the really dramatic maple for mandolins.

As for the sound...well the opposite to understated.

 The woods are carefully hand selected to be the most suited to the particular instrument style. 

 I want the instrument to have a broad and even frequency response, a silky smooth neck and stable construction.

Strong but light and very responsive. What I'm trying to achieve is for the player to be able to access a wide variety of tones rather than just one sound. 

This allows the player and instrument to speak as one voice. "




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