A photographic, journalistic and musical diary of a year in my life as a luthier. The book carries 680 colour images of guitars and related things being built. The CD is a random collection of some solo acoustic guitar snippets and a few band pieces. Chris Gibbons was my mentor, producer, engineer and generally Mummy person for that part of it. There is a forward by John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin, an esteemed client. A thousand were printed.

“Talking Wood is a year of unique insight into a man recognized as a master craftsman by many of the world’s great musicians. From the trials and tribulations of his skills, to his own ambitions as a musician, the book gently unfolds his thoughts and experiences in the creation of instruments that grace the world stage.” — John Paul Jones, Led Zeppelin

“Andy has now made six guitars for me. One stands out as the best I’ve ever played.” — Ian Anderson, Jethro Tull

“I actually use an English guitar by Andy Manson. That’s been my main acoustic guitar for the last six or seven years.” — Andy Summers, The Police

“The best guitar I’ve ever played!” — Mike Oldfield